I’m Back!

Hey loves!

I’m beyond sorry for the lack of posting. Since the website myproanalifestyleforver (or something like that) got taken down not many people have been to my blog and so I haven’t really posted. I’ve also been really busy.. but I do like this blog and will try to post a few things each week.

Last time I updated it was April 6th and I was 132lb… so It’s been 46 days! I’m sad to say that my progress isn’t as great as I would like it to be.

I got down to 122.8lb but I’m up to 126.2lb today. I was 123.4 on Friday, but I had a bad weekend and my plan is to get to <120 by the end of the week.

My plan is to have a day to post weekly measurements/bodychecks, weekly recipe, thinspo, something random but Ed related, and will probably post a summary of my intake every Sunday.

Much love,




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