Weight loss plan (for you, not me)

So I’v coached a lot of people and seen many different weight loss techniques being used. Some are nice and work well, while others are more dangerous and don’t work as well. I sorta created this one plan that works well if you have parents or can’t skip a bunch of meals or if you’re unsure what you’ll be having for a meal.

Also, this isn’t one specific plan. it’s more of a template for you to create your own plan.

Calories: Daily or Weekly? 

Lots of people have set daily calorie maxes. Sometimes it works well if your diet is typically the same every day and you don’t have many surprises.

Weekly calorie maxed are nice because if you know your going to a family event or something that would require eating more than average. If your daily goal is 500 then your weekly goal is 3500 which means if you fast then you can eat 700 one day and 800 the next and it wont go over your max.


For those who don’t exercise much it’s best to slowly increase. Start at 30 min daily for 6 days a week. Every two weeks or so add 15 min. Don’t workout everyday; always give your self at least a day off a week.

I have a few workouts posted on my blog. Focus mainly on cardio if you’re looking to slip down. IF you have problem areas then focus on targeting them too. If you workout for an hour try to do 40 min cardio and 20 min strength. Strength isn’t weights or dumbbells. It can be planks, push-ups, and other things that are basically conditioning.

Figuring out a calorie and workout plan that works for you can be tricky, but once you figure it out it’ll be worth it. Feel free to message me if you want help, are looking for a coach, buddy, mentor, or just someone to talk to. Thanks!

Much love,




3 thoughts on “Weight loss plan (for you, not me)

  1. Hi! So, what exactly is this plan for if you have parents/can’t miss many meals. My parents make me eat WAY too much. They pile it on my plate and I HAVE to finish it, even when I’m not hungry.


    1. How much control do you have over your meals? try to help prepare meals and make sure it’s partly veggies. Workout a lot. try to workout twice a day if possible. Since you cant restrict you need to make it up in other ways like working out. email me if you want more advice


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