Journal: Monday, March 7th

Okay so this journal entry will be different. I tend to do entries on days where I don’t fuck up, but I’m changing that. My goal is to write everyday even if it was the worst day ever. I’ll also include little notes and things. I’m writing this Tuesday/Wednesday morning so hopefully I remember yesterday well.

Weight: 133.2lb (or .4 idk)

Breakfast: 100 cal oatmeal, 10oz coffee

Breakfast was okay. I always have coffee so that never changes. the oatmeal was a little strange. Eating in the morning on a school day is strange. I had the Quaker kind that comes in a packet. I also ate it raw/plain because I find it more efficient.

Lunch: 108 cal veggies (apple, green beans, cucumber)

Eating lunch is also strange and stressful because I wanted to eat it all, but i got full toward the end because even though the calories are low, its still a lot of quantity. Does that make sense…? I also had to study for a test and eating distracted me. On the plus side, I had more energy for the test. (got 100 on it!!)

Snack: 70 cal light yogurt, 2 Popsicles at 15cal each

I usually have yogurt after school so that was fine. I would usually add in pb2 or something, but  then it would go over 100 cal. I didn’t feel like i needed to binge like I usually do, but I already had 200 cal before.

Dinner: Mexican Night

I had 3 small tortillas, 1 with black beans, 2 with rice. On it I had cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole. I also had chips and guacamole. I guess it’s safe to say that I didn’t track my calories. I can also guaranteed that it’s over 300 cal. It’s hard to restrict for dinner if my parents make something that i’ll eat. (i’m a vegetarian and my family eats a lot of meal so i usually get to make my own meals.)

Snack: toast w/ peanut butter, 3ish Oreo’s, sweethearts, and few Reese peanut butter cups, and coco-cola 

My mom gave me a lot of candy yesterday that she meant to give me for Valentines Day but she just found it. I brought it to school to leave it there or give it to people, but i forgot about it and brought it back home

I didn’t think spreading my intake is that effective personally because when i get home I typically don’t have control of my dinner which causes to me to mess up. Hopefully I’ll figure out a plan that works for me.

Much love,


p.s. please tell me people to make a post about (similar to my Emma or Nancy ones) or thinspo ideas.


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