My New Diet Plan

Lets not lie: My diet is terrible. I’v been struggling with restricting, attempting to eat ‘normal’, and binging for what feels like forever. I usually do good for a portion of a week, but after a few days I’m forced to eat something un-calculated which throws off my balance. This plan isn’t new to me, but usually I don’t stick to it. I have track starting in 2 weeks and I need to have my diet under control by then.


Breakfast: 100cal from oatmeal during week, egg whites on the weekend

Lunch: about 100cal from veggies and fruit only

Snack: 100 with lots of protein (protein powder, almonds, ect)

Dinner: 300 max, 200 min

Snack: 100cal (opt)

Total: 600-700

This plan allows me to eat enough to keep my metabolism up, but my TDEE (calories I burn by existing + working out) is about 2,200 so i’ll lose faster than what is considered healthy. I’m also considering a different plan for the weekend… not sure yet.

If anyone has any good protein-filled snack idea or vegetarian/vegan dinner idea then please tell me!

Much love,



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