My Motivation

Everyone needs a reason, if not many, to lose weight and keep to the weight off. It may be as simple as wanting to look better, be more fit, or something specific like to look good in a certain clothing article or for a certain event. We don’t get anywhere in life if we don’t find the motivation to get there. These are a few of my goals. I’m posting them as a reminder to not lose motivation and to inspire others. Some of these are non-specific to weight loss and are just motivation in general.

Be 105

Fit into xs clothes

Be skinny for summer

Got to Europe as a skinny bitch

Have a flat stomach

Be a skinnier bitch than my friends

Fit into my nike pro and not stretch em’

Have a more prominent jaw/cheek bones

To run a 23-25min 5k

Have nicely visible collarbones, ribs, back, and chest bones

Be happier

Not let my anxiety control me

Or my depression

Do me a favor and write your goals in the comments. i want to see if people even read my blog. And also, It’s interesting to see how similar and different peoples goals are. Stay safe and much love from me ♥♥


p.s. I usually do measurements today, but I didn’t have school last week and did a lot of binging, but I’ll do them next week  and hopefully I can see a change.


3 thoughts on “My Motivation

  1. My goals are to be skinny and happy. Almost everyone I know weighs less than me. I want people to notice me, and even be a little worried about me. I also want to finally feel good about myself.


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