‘Pro-ana’ Photos

I came across a similar thread on another website and decided to post a few of the photos here. These often show the extreme side of ana. Some also glorify it so that’s why its pro-ana. I’m not pro-ana; I’m posting these because of the art of it. I think these are beautiful drawing and sketches. Some of these photos are provocative and many are triggering so be aware. Some of them are small, but I think if you click on them then they become larger.


p.s. please message me with blog post requests including people for thinspos, or tv show characters,random things like this,  or just regular blog post ideas. thanks!


6 thoughts on “‘Pro-ana’ Photos

  1. I love this. I’ve had my ED for a little less than half of my life and I’ve almost died/was almost put in hospice twice and I’ve been hospitalized for an ED three times. Please don’t ever get to the point where you’re in a hospital because I developed more mental illnesses from that. I’m insanely pro Ana now. Stay strong xx


      1. I don’t encourage others to starve, but I just need to starve myself so I can be pretty. I’m crazy about being pro-Ana because there’s not much I can do to not eat right now because my parents are forcing me to eat, so I exercise until I pass out. I hope this answers your question xx

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        1. i dont think what your describing is pro-ana. pro-ana is encouraging and glorifying anorexia. what your saying is you basically have an eating disorder…? sorry if im wrong or i messed something

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          1. I glorify anorexia in my own personal manner, I just don’t encourage others to follow. I might not actually be pro Ana for others, but I’m pro Ana for myself. I’m greedy with my ED. I want to be skinnier than everybody else and I’m happy that I have my ED.


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