Just A Rant

people have a certain connotation when they know that I consider myself an ‘ana coach’, but I use the term very loosely.

Although I can be very strict; I can also be very caring.

My main goal is to get people to  view their bodies in a better way by losing weight and I simply help them do that.

I help people when they need a boost or are stuck.

I don’t approve of dangerous tactics like purging or eating a very low intake combined with high excersice although if you do that then I cant stop you because its your body and you can do what you want with it.

I help keep people accountable for themselves.

I do give out tricks to help them along, but really all I am is a slightly extreme weight loss coach.

I don’t require photos of yourselves; or exploit people.

That’s probably the biggest misconception of myself.

I saw a comment directed at me that said, “Pervert alert – well known one. Wants pics, just a weirdo whacker.” which is completely false.

I don’t want photos. I never have and never will.

I’m basically an ana buddy with more emphasis on you than me.

And honestly I would prefer to be buddies rather than a coach.

But if you feel you want a coach  (or someone to help you) then Im here.

That’s all.



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