Journal: Tuesday, February 14th (V-day)

Weight: 129.4

There isn’t much to say for my intake because I am fasting (its been successful, yes!) and so this is boring…

10oz coffee

20oz water

32oz powerade zero (honestly this is so delicious and has electrolytes)

12oz water

and a few pieces of gum (6?)

Total: 0

I basically burned whatever calories were in the gum in my sleep so I don’t even count it, unless its like the whole packet. I was feeling a little wary about if i would binge when I got home tonight since iv been low-key active and busy all day, but I didn’t. My mom also gave me chocolate for valentines day and I’m not (that) tempted to eat it. I hope every had/has a great day!!

Update: 127.0 pounds… lost 2.4!


p.s. feel free to comment on my blog. sometimes it feel like i’m only talking to myself since I never get responses to anything, but maybe nobody pays attention to me so whatever.


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