Journal: Monday, February 13

Weight: 131.6lb

2 pieces toast with mustard (90)

Chobani Simply 100 crunch (100)

Salad (75-125)

Quinoa (200-250)

Veggies (50-100)

Special K Pastries (100)

Ice cream (250-300)

Total: 865-1065

I had such a horrible day when it comes to eating, but at least I actually attempted to count it. Anything the varies in calories is something that is not specific and I hate it so much. I have faith that ill maintain and tomorrow I’m attempting to fast.

Update: somehow i lost 2.2lb!!



4 thoughts on “Journal: Monday, February 13

  1. Hi, My name is Anahi I am 149 discussing puonds( not for to long 😊) This is what I am eating today.
    Morning: 1 banana with cinnamon and honey.

    Noon: 1 pear , cup of coffee with sugar and milk.

    Night: salad with a cup of juice.

    I really like your blog I would be posting daily what I eat and weight in your blog. Hopefully we can help each other 😊

    Afternoon snack:


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