February 12th Journal

Weight: 126.6 lbs

6 am: 8 oz cappuccino (80)

Ate nothing, including water until 1 pm

1 pm: Granola bar (160)

4 pm: Post-school binge with nachos made with tortilla chips, black beans,lots of cheese, and some sour cream. I also had a bag of popcorn topped with lots of butter and peanut butter

Thankfully, after this lil binge I didn’t eat anything else so hopefully It doesn’t hinder my weight loss too much.

Total: Alot

Much love,




New Diet Plan

This is still very much debatable and will probably change…

Breakfast: Vanilla Cappuccino K-cup (80) or Fiber one brownie (90)

Lunch: Oatmeal or granola bar (130-160)

Snack: Large piece fruit such as an apple or orange

Dinner: Some protein, veggies, and ect. (400 cal)

Snack: Under 200

Total: Under 1000

I also want to workout daily, but my main focus is to get my intake/diet under control and to know that I can handle it.

I also plan to drink atleast 64oz of water daily

Much love,


What’s Happened…

Hey loves,

I could have swore I’ve posted on here since last October… apparently not.

My weight is around 123-125 so it hasn’t changed much.

Tomorrow I’m starting a diet plan.. hopefully i can actually lose weight for once.

Will try to update more.

Much love,





Tuesday 9/19 Journal

Hey babes… so glad today went well.

Coffee (3)

Dark chocolate and nut Nature valley Bar (140)

Apple (74) and cheese (35)

2 Watermelon pop tarts (436)

rice (170) and veggies (50??)

Smoked Gouda cheese (150)

2 bags skittles (130) and 2 bags sweetarts (100)

Total: 1,300

Burned: 2,200

Net: 900

Much love,


Monday 9/18 Journal

Hey babes.. hope you’re having a great day… here’s a summary of what I ate…

Coffee (3)

Granola Bar (150)

Donut (250)

Pizza (200)

Corn chips (200)

Cheese (125)

Candy (240)

Bread (200)

Potatos (300)

Salad (100)

A lot of this is an estimate and the average is about 1,800 to 2,000 calories

Weight in the morning was 133.2 and I burned about 2,200 calories.

I’ll try to do daily food journals and weekly bodychecks and weigh-ins

Much love,


New School Year…

Damn, I’m sorry.

I have not posted on here for a very long time and I apologize.

I plan to post at least once a week, but maybe more.

Last time I posted I was 123lb… now I’m 135.8lb

School started yesterday and I’m taking this week to figure out a food/exercise plan that gives me enough energy for 7.5 hours of school and the work that comes with it.. but also allows me to lose weight.

I think i only worked out or twice this entire summer. I’m going to try to workout about 3-4 times a week and do small body weight workouts daily.

This week I’m not recording my calories or working out, but I am weighing myself so I will update you on that at the end of the week (along with body checks.. maybe)

Please comment down below how your summer was!

Much love,